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Game Info

Platform:  Windows, Mac, Linux.

Language:  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Multiplayer:  Yes

Studio: Eugen Systems

Publisher:  Focus Home Interactive

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Bonus content

Bonus content

  • Download Wargame: European Escalation now and get the additional contents FATAL ERROR, COMMANDER, CONQUEST and NEW BATTLEFIELDS for free!

Specific notice

Specific notice

Playing Wargame: European Escalation requires a Steam Account, the Wargame: European Escalation Product Code delivered when confirming the purchase as well as an Internet connection.

This game is now PC, MAC and Linux compatible.

Description & Game Features

Game Description

2 sides, 8 nations, and only one battlefield: Europe!

Wargame: European Escalation is an intense and spectacular Real Time Strategy game, where realism and strategy are brought to the front lines.

With a range of vehicles and units (over 350 different models), build your army and enter a huge military campaign across Europe of the 80's, as the Cold War is about to become World War 3.

With the powerful IRISZOOM™, Wargame offers breathtaking graphics and battles as spectacular as they are strategic. Prepare to bring hundreds of units of all kinds--tanks, helicopters, squad Infantry, etc.--under your command in intense battles on gigantic maps stretching up to 150 km²!

Online service EugenNet© provides a full multiplayer experience with creation of clans, organizing games, and world rankings where up to 8 players can compete simultaneously in massive battles involving hundreds of units!

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Minimum PC System Requirements


  • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ

  • RAM Memory: 1024 MB (XP)/2048 MB (VISTA/7)

  • Graphic card: 256 MB 100% DirectX 9 and shaders 3.0 compatible - ATI Radeon x1800 GTO/Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT or higher

  • DVD-ROM: 2x drive

  • Hard Disk space: 10Gb

  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible

Minimum Mac System Requirements

  • OS: MAC OS X 10.6.8

  • Processor: INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.4 GHZ

  • RAM Memory: 2048 MB

  • Graphic card: 256 MB ATI Radeon HD 4670/NVIDIA GeForce GT120/320M/Intel HD 3000 or higher

  • DVD-ROM: 2x drive

  • Hard Disk space: 10Gb

  • Sound Card

Minimum Linux System Requirements

  • OS: UBUNTU 12.04 LTS/UBUNTU 12.10

  • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ

  • RAM Memory: 2048 MB

  • Graphic card: 256 MB shaders 3.0 compatible ATI Radeon x1800 GTO/NVidia GeForce 7600 GT/Intel HD 3000 or higher

  • DVD-ROM: 2x drive

  • Hard Disk space: 10Gb

  • Sound Card

Internet connection required for online gaming and game activation

New Battlefields

Willing to test your Clan's newest tactics? Or to just have some quick fun with friends without pressure? Team up with other players and jump into the action against a computer controlled opponent! "New Battlefields" brings a new skirmish AI, allowing 1 up to 7 players to face the computer.

"New Battlefields" enhances communication, coordination and all your team tactics, thanks to the new Flare system! Get the attention of your teammates by firing one of the preset Flares, or one with a custom message!

  • New skirmish AI: up to 7 human players may face a computer-controlled opponent (3 difficulty levels).
  • 7 new multiplayer maps, including 2 asymmetric battlefields for Attack/Defense games.
  • New "Flare" system: mark both the battlefield and the tactical map to enhance your team's coordination.

‘’CONQUEST’’ for Wargame: European Escalation brings brand new exciting content to extend the conflict.

Defy commanders worldwide in the brand new multiplayer mode: CONQUEST. To be victorious in this mode, in addition to the classic Command Points, you will have to control Victory Sectors (VS) located on the map, until the victory conditions are fully satisfied. In this mode there’s no Scoring System related to the destruction of your adversary’s units, only controlling territories will grant you victory. 7 maps have been adapted or created to fit this new mode, where you can either challenge players or AI.

  • 1 new multiplayer mode: CONQUEST (vs players or AI) with 7 playable maps
  • 2 new maps for the SIEGE mode
  • 1 new map (Mecklenburg) for DESTRUCTION and CONQUEST modes
  • Improvement of multiplayer menu and lobby
  • Update of unit stats

COMMANDER DLC for Wargame: European Escalation extends the conflict with brand new content.

Wargame’s DLC features “Economy,” a new game mode available in both single and multiplayer with new objectives for commanders worldwide. To earn victory in this mode, you will have to reach a certain number of Command Points before your opponents (points obtained by taking control of areas in the field). These points can also be used to deploy reinforcements, and a hard choice will quickly be imposed: continue your march toward victory or batten down the hatches and build your defenses!

  • New game mode Economy for multiplayer and AI matches
  • 2 new rugged maps for Destruction, Conquest & Economy modes(Bystrany & Thüringen Wald )
  • New playable map for Alamo mode (Eye of the Storm).
  • 2 new maps for Conquest mode (Two Flanks & Blood River)
Fatal Error

Fatal Error, the 4th free DLC for Wargame: European Escalation, brings you a brand new 5-mission long Operation, as well as a new and finely tuned multi-touch gameplay for owners of Ultrabook™ with touch¹ display. Inspired by Intel®!

This DLC focuses on solo play, adding a brand new fifth operation to Wargame's existing four. This 5-missions operation is completely independent to Wargame's original campaign, and will provide you new, bigger challenges to face.

Based on an original alternate history, Fatal Error will bring you back in 1979, a time when hopes for a peaceful settlement of the East/West tensions had never seem so close… until all hopes were shattered by the Euromissiles crisis, and the discovery of a Soviet combat brigade being deployed in Cuba. Within the depths of Mount Cheyenne, home to North America's most vital command center, a tragic mistake by a maintenance technician sets the world on fire…

May work on other touch devices, but not officially supported.